Stonewall Schedule

The time has come gay Wilton Manors.  It is officially Stonewall Weekend.  I was sitting in my office yesterday and caught some workers carrying the barricades over to the sidewalks.

This will be my first Stonewall event and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about.  Make sure you check out The Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa’s booth over by 6th Ave where you can register to win a free 2 night stay and spa package.  I’d totally register, but this all male resort doesn’t really want anything to do with me. haha I’ll just live vicariously through the winner.

Anyways, check out the Stonewall official schedule below!

The Manor Complex / New Moon Stage Schedule

4:00pm DJ Shane Phoenix

4:30pm Dave Leddick

5:00pm Eric Jaffe

5:30pm Retro Swimwear/Black Cat Bikinis Fashion Show

5:45pm Glamour Goddesses

6:00pm Signal 2

6:30pm Twlight Pride Parade

7:30pm Nikki Kidd

8:00pm Not For Nothing

8:30pm DJ Karin Ward

Here! Media Stage Schedule

4:00pm DJ Souz

4:30pm Nikki Adams

5:00pm Glamour Goddesses

5:15pm Richard Cortez

5:45pm Jubilee King Bee

6:30pm Twlight Pride Parade

7:30pm -Special Speakers-

8:00pm Philip Alexander

8:30pm Noa Tylo

Sidelines Stage Schedule

4:00pm DJ Maximus 3000

4:30pm Michael Walters as Dame Edna

5:00pm Ball Fringe

5:30pm DJ Paura

6:00pm Ray Boltz

6:30pm Twlight Pride Parade

7:30pm Richard Cortez

8:00pm Eric Jaffe

8:30pm Jubilee King Bee


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