Stonewall Pics & More

So yesterday was officially my first Stonewall event in gay Wilton Manors and I have to say, it was ummm…interesting.  I think I’ve seen enough hairy buttcracks, heard enough Rihanna and seen enough queens to last me at least the next 6 months.  All of the booths looked great and I loved all of the free swag.

Georgie’s Alibi was poppin as usual and Simply Delish was distributing “gay beer.”  I’m not really sure what gay beer tastes like, but if I had to guess I’d say skittles?

I wish the parade had been a little more exciting and flowed a little better, but we can’t have it all I suppose.  This was honestly a really great pride event that brought all walks of life together to celebrate their common ground.  Before we get to the photo dump, I just want to share some of my favorite quotes of the day with you.  These were just random things said by random people that I heard while walking around:

“I’ve already seen 2 queers I know.”

“You’re acting so fucking gay right now.”

“gay pride is for queers.”

“we’re gonna burn some Republicans.”

“You yell ‘hooker’, and everyone turns around!”

Enjoy the pics guys!

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