Get Kinected

No, I’m not an idiot and I spelled it “wrong” on purpose thank you very much.  Check it out…when I used to live in West Palm Beach I would go to Dr. Feelgoods every Thursday night.  Coincidentally, every Thursday night this band called The Kinected would play. Eventually, my friend and I became certifiable groupies.  Okay, I’m only kidding but they are pretty awesome and if they had groupies I would totally understand.

They do a lot of covers and mix some original tracks into their set.  My personal favorite is a song called “Headgame.”  Go download it on iTunes.  DO IT! Keyword: Kinected.

They have a weird hybrid 80’s slash new rock sound that’s nostalgic of like…Billy Idol if he had sex with Robert Smith if they birthed a child that sounded like new rock music.  Don’t worry though, they’re not one of those tribute/cover bands that looks like Twisted Sister when they perform.  Whatever they’re doing, though, it’s clearly working because they recently rocked the stage at West Palm’s Sunfest.

They’re 4 cute looking guys who are super nice to the people that come to see their shows…even when they’re talking to you and you fall of your stool like a total ass like I did (no I wasn’t that drunk).  Yeaaaa, I’m kind of awesome and awkward like that.

Check out these pictures from their last performance at Boston’s On The Beach in Delray Beach.  Oh and I also took a picture of a really hot guy’s ass, so those pictures are there too.  ENJOY!



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