A Las Olas Revival

Music and laughter wafted in the streets as the wine flowed and people dined and mingled against a backdrop of multicolored lights on the streetscape.  It was a scene that would have made Bacchus, the god of wine, proud.

This is not the description of a sleepy street hit hard by recession and an exodus of popular tenants, but that of the recent Las Olas Wine and Food Festival, and a stunning resurgence for a street that had experienced a short lived down turn over the past couple years.  A convergence of new leadership, new events, infrastructural improvements and other fresh approaches has worked wonders for the boulevard that has long been the crown jewel of Fort Lauderdale.

Not only are events like the Wine and Food Festival and the monthly new Art Walk indicative of this rebirth but the occupancy rate of the retail spaces are an even more telling barometer.  The Las Olas Company reports that an impressive 98 percent of its retail space is leased with a lineup of new businesses that have opened over the course of the year that gay Fort Lauderdale will LOVE including:

  • Rocco’s Tacos
  • Hamilton Art Gallery
  • Mission Gifts
  • Pampered Pooch Salon
  • Yogurt Ur Way
  • Bellagio Gallery
  • Pan’e Dolci
  • Udder Sweets
  • Vero Design

Source: goriverwalk.com

One thought on “A Las Olas Revival

  1. Not to rain on anyone’s parade here but it still is not nearly as gay friendly as it was when Cathrode Ray was there…ahh, the memories.

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