A Closer Look At Britney's Video

I’m obsessed with Britney’s new video for “I Wanna Go.” But can we talk about it a little. First of all, the first 40 seconds are amazing.

At the 1:57 mark Britney throws her right hand up with the microphone.  Is that a new tattoo on her wrist?  Or ringworm?  At the 2:51 mark, Britney is standing on top of a car infront of a movie theater with the words “Crossroads” behind her.  Anyone remember that movie?

And what about all of the movie references other than Crossroads: Terminator, Austin Powers, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This video is one of my favorite Britney videos of all time.  The story line, the fashion and the song.  Perfection.

What do ya’ll in gay Fort Lauderdale think?  Weigh in, lovies.

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