Get Ripped For The Summer

So I’m not sure if you’ve seen this guy walking around town but Ed Powell is RIPPED.  I know he’s gay and everything, but I kind of have a little bit of a crush on him.  Seriously though, have you seen his physique?

Well, word on the mean streets of gay Wilton Manors is that Ed Powell is actually a personal trainer.  Figures.  He actually has a degree in exercise physiology. That’s just fancy terminology that means he actually knows what he’s talking about and won’t make you pull a hamstring.

He specializes in core training, weight lifting, body fat testing, nutrition and weight loss.  I have to tell you, if I wasn’t poor from buying shoes I didn’t need, I’d be all up in his area trying to get my train on.

If you’re interested in what he does give him a call at 954-465-6425 or email his sexy self at

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