One Thing Is Not Like The Other

This past Saturday my friend dragged me to this dive bar on Linton in Delray.  Let me begin by saying, and you probably all already know this, I’m not one for dive bars.  I like loud music, flashing lights and you’re occasional hot mess.  Ya know, places where FANCY people go to get drunk.  That’s why I like gay Fort Lauderdale.

Well, it wasn’t horrible.  Like I said, hole in the wall sports bar.  It was clean enough where I felt safe enough to go to the bathroom. Don’t get it twisted I still did the toilet seat hover, but some places are just so gross that you feel like herpasephalitis is going to jump off the seat and into your body.

Well, all was well and then I saw this fancy dispenser on the wall called The Lady Boutique.  I couldn’t help but let out a little giggle.  You can buy some Advil, a tampon or a glow stick?  Really, a glow stick?

The moral of the story is if you ever get your period take an Advil and throw a rave.

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