BREAKING: SFGay News Royally Screws Up

Has anyone in gay Fort Lauderdale viewed South Florida Gay News SFGN.Com Volume 1 Iss. 1?  Pages 46 to 47 anyone? Well, take a looksie.  It seems that yet again a gay rag has ceased to do their reporting.

The article follows 28-year-old Sharon Elizabeth, a “supporter of equal rights for the LGBT community.”  The article talks about how Elizabeth’s mother came out to her as a lesbian while she was in high school, the struggle that came along with it and how Elizabeth is working to spread the word of equality through her mad photog skills.

In 2008, photographer Adam Bouska launched the NOH8 campaign.  Now, let’s take a look at the article:

“Bouska’s website encourages others to submit their own photos and she [sharon] jumped at the chance to advance the campaign and use her skills for change. She recently conducted a photoshoot at the Port Saint Lucie Pride festivities and also schedules sessions upon request.”

Well, South Florida Gay News you should have done your homework.  Clearly stated on the official noh8 website the question posted: “Can I host my own NOH8 shoot to show my support?”  The answers states: “NO.”

The site reads:

Unless an event has been listed and announced on our website, it is NOT an official NOH8 Event and is not affiliated with us in any way.“Due to the overwhelming amount of positive responses we’ve received from all over the country, the NOH8 Campaign is unfortunately no longer able to give  permission to people to set up their own photo shoots and NOH8 events. We really appreciate all the support and seeing everyone wanting to get involved, but we’re simply at a point in our development where we have to try and retain some control over how our logo and name is being used and represented.

We’ve had a lot of confusion lately with people thinking other independent NOH8 shoots/events in different cities are affiliated or official in some capacity. Things become even more complicated once money and donations become involved.

People are, however, always welcome to put together a proposal that we can then bring to our board so that they can review it. You can e-mail your proposal to (Subject: ATTN: NOH8 IN MY ST8 Proposal).

Until the board has reviewed your proposal and you have received a written response from them with their decision, you may NOT proceed with any planning for your shoot whatsoever.

We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all the support, and we definitely love to hear that you’re spreading the word of NOH8 in your area.”

Wilton Drive Online’s reporting clearly uncovered that the events Elizabeth conducted were not NOH8 approved.

Now, you can be apart of BE HEARD where NOH8 participants can submit their “statements and stories about why they felt it was important to get involved with the NOH8 Campaign and what their own participation meant to them.”  You CANNOT, however, stage your own shoots and affiliate yourself with the NOH8 campaign.

My theory on this is that publications like Florida Agenda and SFGN don’t have real reporters working for them, they just have a bunch of dudes running around with pens and pads jotting stuff down whether it’s true or not.  More to come on this story.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: SFGay News Royally Screws Up

  1. Not only don’t we publish anonymously under the veil of a journalist’s blog as you do, scarred simply by unsubstantiated opinions and impassioned quips issued from your veiled and vaulted perch, our paper, thank you, has full time journalists and reporters with outstanding credentials, and our articles have already been featured on CNN, the, and the Washington Blade. Along with CNBC. Can’t remember the last time I saw Wilton Manors online, busy commenting about shirtless DJ’s, there.

    We are also members of the Associated Press, the Florida Press Association and our managing editor is an award winning writer affiliated with the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. And we are media partners with the Sun-Sentinel.

    Could a reporter have erred on a fact in a story? Of course.

    Does it warrant the tongue lashing your anonymous author gave the story? Of course not.

    Meaghan, you are obviously an enthusiastic blogger with a flair, even if it is for sarcasm and personal opinions. We would love to do a story on your credentialed background in journalism, writing, and blogging. Call us and I will assign it to a reporter. 954 530 4970

    We will see how you stand up to the light.

    Norm Kent

  2. Norm… the fact that your “reporter” can’t muster up the energy to do a SIMPLE fact check of the NOH8 website where there are details regarding legally using the NOH8 logo and name astounds me. It literally takes ONE CLICK to find that you are not permitted to host shoots using the name/logo.

    If your reporter REALLY did any research, he/she would know that Sharon Elizabeth Photography KNOWINGLY used the NOH8 logo and name ILLEGALLY at the Port St. Lucie gay pride event.

    Also, I’d like to point out that there IS a section where you can submit your own self-portrait in support of the NOH8 campaign… has Sharon Elizabeth Photography submitted a single photo she’s taken during one of her illegal shoots?… yea… didn’t think so.

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