Houston, Do We Have A Problem?

Alright, I’d like to use my poll the audience lifeline gay Wilton Manors.  A friend of mine had a boyfriend.  Keyword: “had.”  They weren’t talking for a few months and they’ve recently reconnected.

They talk every night, Skype all the time and they talk throughout the day…EVERY day.  Allegedly, once a week (every week) this ex-boyfriend spends the night at my friend’s house.

However, they both maintain that nothing is happening and that they aren’t dating. I fully believe in my bffl because we’ve been through way too much for him to lie about this.  But don’t you think this constitutes dating?  Am I crazy?  I’m not crazy. TELL ME I’M NOT CRAZY, GAY WILTON MANORS!

[polldaddy poll=”5196080″]

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