Jackass Sighting

It’s Fourth of July weekend and I decided, “Ya know, Meagan…I think it’s time to go visit the fam in sunny Palm Shitty…I mean Palm City.”  So I packed my duffle and left gay Wilton Manors.  Never did I expect that in Stuart, Florida I’d spot Wee Man from Jackass.

I decided to take a trip to our local Starbucks.  I’m chillin, sitting in my big comfy chair with my computer in my lap working on some unfinished business for work and the next thing I know a bunch of Jackasses walk in.  Not legit jackass, but members of the MTV show, “Jackass.”

It was kind of hard not to stare because, well, Wee Man is a weeman with lots of tattoos who talks like a total “dude bro.”   He was super nice to the staff (who once they figured out who he was asked for autographs) and he was a little taller in person than I had expected haha.

Oh and I’m pretty sure on the way in from grabbing my sweater from my car I caught him checking out my ass, but if I had to get my ass checked out by anyone I’m glad it was a certifiable Jackass.  END SCENE.

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