Leonid The Magnificent

I’m kind of obsessed with Leonid The Magnificent.  The Russian born, Brooklyn resident was recently featured on America’s Got Talent and he is AMAZING!  After doing a little research I found that Leonid has been on multiple past America’s Got Talent seasons.

He does everything: Acrobatics, hula hooping, knife balancing, quick changing, and even singing and dancing.  He’s a full entertainer. Check out the performance that got him a trip to the Vegas auditions aka the next round of the show!

Oh and P dot S, the more gay you are the more Sharon likes you.  Just a tip for anyone planning on trying out for a spot on the show!

One thought on “Leonid The Magnificent

  1. Hello. Just had to let you know I think your great. I know you had a lot more to show us. Sorry I didn’t get the chance to see it. We all feel your loss. You are so hot I would see you any time in n.y.

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