Trend Alert: The Single Strand Necklace

No, I AIN’T talkin’ about pearl necklaces. Okay, so I was getting dressed the other day and sometimes I find myself completely forgetting to accessorize before I leave my house.

Normally I think to myself, “Meagan don’t worry, you look fine.”  But then we have a female client come in accessorized to the nines and I think, “Wow, you really need to work it out.”

This whole accessory thing was really puttin me through it.  So I decided I’m bringing back the single strand necklace.  Follow me on this one.

I’m not talking about those ghetto link chains. TRUST.  I’m talking about a simple, single strand silver or gold necklace without charms or dangly shit all over the place.  Simple, cute, versatile and you can leave it on all the time.  I think we can make this a gay Wilton Manors thing…right?

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