LA Police Department Needs Gaga's Help

Wow, Los Angeles…JUST WOW.  Starting next Friday and spanning well into the early morning of Monday, 11 miles of Interstate 405 will be shut down.

That’s right, for 53 hours the west side of Los Angeles’ Interstate that carries 500,000 cars every weekend will be closed to every car, truck, motorcycle or motor vehicle. PERIOD.

That would be like shutting down Wilton Drive.  haha I’m just kidding.  But seriously, all of this is to make way for a $1 billion widening project that will hopefully help alleviate some of the rush hour headaches that happen day after day.

The city of Los Angeles has already told people to “EXPECT BIG DELAYS,” but The Los Angeles Police Department has also asked Lady Gaga to post a warning on her Twitter.  If that isn’t a true sign of her media presence I don’t know what is.

Well, at least all the gays will know to avoid Interstate 405. *wink

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