Wiltons Bier Garden Will Open…

DRUM ROLL PUH-LEASEEE. Well, I guess you can stop with the drum roll until we get a little closer because word on The Drive is that the highly anticipated establishment, Wiltons Bier Garden, won’t be open until September.  Womp womp womp.

According to our sources, we are told that they will be opening with a liquor license. As you may or may not recall Rodeo opened on The Drive without a liquor license which some of you out there in Wilton Manors were none to pleased with (which I TOTALLY understand). Listen, I’m a borderline alcoholic just like the rest of ya!  I’m really only kidding (or am I).

Anyways, our sources also told us to “expect great things,” and that it will be classy and elegant.  I’m pretty excited.  If you signed yourself up on their e-mail address at this year’s Stonewall festivities you’ll also be receiving an invitation to their grand opening. We’ll be there…will you?

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