Oakland Park Gets A Facelift

This is a very interesting little tidbit of information!  A MAJOR redevelopment that was designed for the area just south of Five Points on Dixie in gay Wilton Manors has been moved to Oakland Park’s redevelopment Main Street area.

Edward Tokarcik, one of the architects, said that two different clients wanted a new building in Wilton Manors.  The original plan was to redevelop the area on the east side of Dixie Highway from NE 24 Court to NE 12 Avenue and east to the Florida East Coast Railway.

As a resident of gay Wilton Manors, Tokarcik said that he was even disapointed that the project couldn’t progress since the original plans ALSO included a drive-through gourmet restaurant (mmmm) and a parking garage (something we REALLY need).

Needless to say, Tokarcik was a tad bit upset when the plans were axed.  However, Gary Lanham of Real Estate Recovery breathed new life to Tokarcik’s dream.  Real Estate Recovery is an Oakland Park based agency that has helped lead the way in Oakland Park’s Main Street redevelopment (N. Dixie From Oakland Park Blvd to NE 38 Street).

Now, obviously, Oakland Park is a completely different city than gay Wilton Manors…in more ways than one.  First of all Oakland Park is huge!  Tokarcik said he thinks that Oakland Park has the ability to grow beyond what Wilton Manors has done for the gay community, just in a completely different way.  In the same breath, Tokarcik says that he doesn’t want to repeat history and do the same things that have already been done in Wilton Manors.  It’s really about being revolutionary and a new approach.

“That’s why an arts and cultural center of town, just places that really work and keeping it inexpensive – and not over building,” Tokarcik said.  “I always thought Oakland Park would be the next big place.”

Source: floridaagenda.com


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