Former Head of SunServ in S. Florida Weds

In the words of Ms. Aguilera, “It Keeps Gettin’ Betta.”  With gay marriage being in the forefront of news these days I knew it was only a matter of time before it hit close to home here in gay Fort Lauderdale.  Former head of SunServ in South Florida, Andrew Zalman, and his now husband, Ray, became one of the first couples to wed in New York state (according to sources).

Also on this list of New York newlyweds is 76-year-old Phyllis and 84-year-old Connie who have been together for 23 years.  They’re absolutely adorable.

And did any of you see what they did for the gay marriages in Niagara Falls? OMG it was breathtaking!  Absolutely gorgeous.  It’s news like this that makes Monday mornings worth it, not the unfortunate predictable death of a mega pop star.

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