Gay Travel: Go To Bangkok

Each country has something unique to offer a traveling man.  Italy has the Vatican and pizza.  Amsterdam has cheese and weed.  And Bangkok has gay culture!?

Okay, so it’s no Sistine Chapel, but Bangkok happens to be one of the most gay friendly travel destinations in the world.  As a matter of fact, locals in this city don’t differentiate between gays and heterosexuals at all.

Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand, and it’s here that you can find gay bars, go-go boy clubs, massage parlors, and nude beaches.  Some of the larger cities also offer gay karaoke bars and other non-commercial establishments, like coffeehouses.

Bangkok hotels are also known to be very gay accommodating.  Babylon is one of the best places for gays to stay.  The rooms are stylish, affordable and an overnight stay includes access to the onsite sauna facilities.  So after a hard day of partying, you can relax in the sweat room.

Overall, violence in general is very rare in Bangkok and is a very safe location for travelers.  So basically, what I’m saying is that Bangkok is like the Asian Wilton Manors.  Just go with it.

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