Nickelodeon's Ratings Are Up After 90's Nostalgia

Unless you live under a rock you have to know that Nickelodeon launched an after midnight programming block called, “The 90’s Are All That.”

Remember, back in the day?  Clarissa Explains It All, All That, Doug!!!!  Clarissa was basically my imaginary best friend who I wanted to be like, I was obsessed with Doug because…well…who doesn’t love that theme song (chickababahhhh) and remember how funny Laurie Beth Denberg was on All That?!

Okay, gay Fort Lauderdale I’m clearly not the only one who enjoyed these shows because since the launch of this block of shows, Nickelodeon’s ratings have reportedly increased by 850%.

Does anybody know if they brought back stick stickley?

2 thoughts on “Nickelodeon's Ratings Are Up After 90's Nostalgia

  1. I am happy to be one of those people who contributed to those high ratings! Nick in the 90’s was some of the best TV, and as I re-watch all my old favorite shows I’m starting to think it is still some of the best TV around. Congrats to Nick executives for doing something right. Now I just have to wait for Salute Your Shorts and Ren and Stimpy to join the line up!

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