Lady Gaga Be Actin Bitchy

Did any of you people catch Lady Gaga on So You Think You Can Dance last night? Don’t judge me, my little Jewish mother texted me to turn it on and “watch how she keeps dissing all the choreographers.”  Yes, that is a DIRECT quote.

Anyways, clearly like almost everyone else in America I like Lady Gaga.  My attention is stretching thinner as time progresses, but for the time being my ears still perk a little when I hear her name.

I wasn’t a big fan of her outfit and when she took her hat off the fact that her hair was a wig became really obvious.  Now, I’m not stupid I know she always wears wigs, but take a lesson from Cher damnit.

Anyways, her dissing became ever apparent when Marko and Ricky performed a dance very reminiscent of something from Stomp using brooms and trash cans on wheels.  I was a fan.

When it was time for Lady Gaga to give her critique she said, “I loved the kids with the brooms, the only thing for me…I grew up in New York City and stomp was just emerging when I was a kid…it’s the interpretation of hip hop that i felt was a little bit contrived…It was just all the props and things I don’t know.”

Did someone forget to tell her that it she was supposed to be critiquing the dancers and not the choreographer who have been in the game long before her? Watch how the judge after her tries to save her…

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