Please Vote For Dustin DuBois!!!!!

Ya know, I always have people emailing me or messaging me about voting for them for some contest that doesn’t mean anything to me. Sometimes I acknowledge their request, and sometimes I just ignore and it well…try to forget the request ever existed in the first place.  I know I’m a horrible person, let’s move on.

THIS was something that I really just COULD NOT IGNORE.  A friend of mine sent me a video of one of his friends (who is mighty adorable) named Dustin DuBois, who is competing in American Eagle’s AE BestShot Contest.  Contestants compete each week to be a top ten finalist for the final prize which is a $3,000 and a chance to be featured in a campaign.

If anyone deserves this grand prize it’s DuBois who would use the money for a hearing aid that he desperately needs. With the prize money, he would be able to afford a piece of technology that would hopefully save his hearing.  This is a really great way to help a young guy who really just need your help.  He isn’t asking you for money, he isn’t asking you for donations, he’s asking for your HELP.

Click here to vote and if you’re a completely heartless person and need more convincing, check out his video below…

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