2Skool 4Kool Event

Bubble Gum Fridays at The Manor in gay Wilton Manors presents 2Skool4Kool, August 12 at 10pm.  The night is hosted by the adorable Oliver Douglas with MC Daisy Deadpetals, a performace by Estephania St. Lords, special guest Taina Norell and VIP hostess Alandra Mathews.

Wait Wait Wait HOLD UP…VIP hostess?  I wanna be a VIP hostess.  Damn.  Moving On.

This event will introduce the new 2am $1,000 Lip Sync For Your Life Contest.  I don’t want to brag or anything but uh *clears throat* I’m a damn good lip Sync-er. Just saying.

Anyways, see you there.

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