Adam Lambert Behind The Music

I got into a pretty heated debate with an ex-boyfriend of mine last night about Adam Lambert.  I basically have an unhealthy infatuation with Adam Lambert because I feel like we need to get married.  Well, my ex-boyfriend (who clearly knows nothing) said that he didn’t think that he was at all an attractive male.  Girl, do not talk like that about my Adam. Let me tell you I took my gold bangles off, kicked my heals off, rolled up the sleeves on my silk blouse and was RET-TA-GO.  That’s the kiki.

Anyways, Sunday August 7 at 10pm VH1 will premier Behind the Music: Adam Lambert.  My Adam opens up about the challenges he faced during his life, the realization that he was gay, the decision to try out for America Idol and coping with his identity.

I’m really excited about this. I’ll definitely be watching.

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