Lady Gaga Is Back With Her Ex

Lady Gaga’s rocky relationship with bartender Luc Carl is back on after a bunch of breakups, but according to Luc’s ex-girlfriend, Gaga is headed for heartbreak.  In an exclusive interview (with Star), actress Alex Stebbins tells Star, that Luc, who dumped her to resume his romance with Gaga, has an extremely unhealthy relationship with the pop superstar.

“They were both really good at making each other jealous,” reveals Alex, noting that Luc’s job at St. Jerome’s bar on New York City’s trendy Lower East Side added fuel to Gaga’s fire. “As a bartender, people flirt with you and your flirt back because it’s part of your job, and I understood that.  But Gaga would get really upset.  They were really good at getting under each other’s skin.” But Luc’s wandering eye wasn’t the worst of it.

“After being together for so long, she was saying, ‘I love you,’ but he never did.  That was her biggest problem,” Alex tells Star.  “She loved him and wanted it reciprocated, but he wasn’t ready.”Indeed 25-year-old Gaga has been more than open about her adoration for Luc, 30.  She’s even admitted that she has trouble performing “You and I,” her new song about their roller coaster romance, without becoming emotional.  Luc, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have a problem. “The more she wanted him to say it, the less he wanted to.  It got to a point where their relationship was pretty dysfunctional and explosive.”

With Luc and Gaga reconciled – for now – Alex suspects that he may have finally said the three little words she ached to hear.  But even so, Alex, who first met Luc in August 2009, believes Luc will give Gaga plenty of fodder for a “Bad Romance” follow-up tune.

“Their relationship is toxic,” she said.  “As bad as they are as a couple, they will always find their way back to one another.  But I don’t think they will ever be happy, with or without each other.”

Alex says that despite complaining about his dramatic dating saga with the “Born This Way” singer, Luc couldn’t resist running back to Gaga.  “He said he needed to figure out whether or not he could be with her.  Their relationship had ended because of her fame, which he didn’t know how to handle. But they have a dependency on each other and need drama.”

Alex also suspects that Gaga’s once intimidating fame is now precisely the reason Luc wants to be back in her life.  “He ditched his friends and changed his phone number – he thinks he is famous now. He’s enjoying the ride.”

SOURCE: Star Magazine

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