Listen To Swagger Jagger! Cher Lloyd

Does anyone else watch Britain’s X Factor?  Okay well, gay Wilton Manors, if you don’t I’m just disappointed. You’re missing out!  This was one of the competitors on the last season who lost.  Meet Cher Lloyd.  You may be hearing her name at some point (watch me be totally wrong haha).

Anyways, she just dropped her first single over in the UK and it shot to number 1.  The song is called “Swagger Jagger,” not to be confused with the shitty song that Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera came out with.  JUST saying.  Nice try, guys.

Cher is one of those versatile singers that can belt it out or spit some rhymes. OMG I just said “spit some rhymes.”  I’m cutting myself off…just watch the video.

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