I Really Need Your Opinions

Well boys, it’s been one hell of a week.  I’ve been a little under the weather this week, NO BIG DEAL (pinky swear). But ya know, I’m having kind of an internal conflict with myself that I’d really like for some of you to weigh in on. What’s up with Facebook bullying?

Let me tell you a little story (omg that was SO Tina Turner).  I used to kind of date this kid who shall remain nameless.  Now, I must have had some weird brand of love blockers on because looking back on the situation, homeboy was NOTHING to write home about. Some shit went down, long story short, we don’t talk anymore.

Now, this is kind of unfortunate because we started out as best friends.  He was super shady towards the end, just throwing that in there.  I also know that I am no angel.  I can go from zero to bitch in 3.5…TRUST.

Moving on, we haven’t talked in months now.  I was getting my shop on in Aventura the other day and I got a screenshot picture message from one of my bffls.  It was a shot of someone’s status on Facebook that had some dialogue going on in the comments where said no-longer-best-friend took a cheap jab at me.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t anything super insulting.  It was kind of a back handed insult.

So, why after all of these months does one feel it necessary to still bring up my name?  Does that make him feel like more of a man?  I mean, he does so many things on a daily basis to emasculate himself that even playfully making fun of him seemed almost like a crime.

But why do some people feel like it’s necessary to make someone else feel bad about nothing…on Facebook?  Listen, if you want to insult me…fine.  Don’t hide behind your computer.  What do you guys think?  Please, feedback…

5 thoughts on “I Really Need Your Opinions

  1. There could be only two answers for him consuming a whole blog:

    1.)You feel bad because it just reminds you of a best friend lost, or-

    2.)You feel bad because what he said was true.

    Either way, he’s acting out by blasting it on facebook due to residual feelings. He’s probably hurt, even though guys wont ever admit it, and I’m sure that any attention you direct his way, good or bad, will be exactly what he wants.

    Remedy the situation by taking the high road. IF he was your best friend, as you say, then grow up and call him. Figure out what is going on. Try to find out what you did that hurt him so bad to have to insult you. Contrary wise, tell him what HE did to hurt YOU. It’s called a conversation, and it helps two people discover what they each did wrong. You are a smart girl and fair. Sometimes people just need to hear that you acknowledge how you hurt them for them to move on. You admit to being a bitch sometimes, maybe he will admit to being an asshole. In which case, you two would realize you were friends before this bullshit and carry on as such. If he stays an asshole and the whole convo blows up in your face just put your best Gucci’s on and walk away knowing you tried.

    Trust me, ALWAYS throw sun on the shade. Don’t let anything dark consume you. Do this by showing it the light.

    You’ve moved on. Show him this by being the bigger man- a task he seems to be challenged in. I believe a good leading example might not save him, but could light the way.

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