On The Drive: Healing Touches 4 You

Have any of you out there in Wilton Manors land taken notice of a store located right on Wilton Drive called “Healing Touches 4 You?” I noticed this store a few weeks ago and just the site of it gave me the freakin’ heebie jeebies. I’m not a super spiritual person, but I totally believe in ghosts and other types of paranormal activity.  For whatever reason, this store just freaks me out.

So, since I like to put myself through hell I decided that I would visit this store and see if the owner was as weird as the storefront or if there was weird shit going on inside ya know like…someone making dolls of Wilton Manors socialites using saliva from their collected Starbucks trash (or something).

There’s one problem with my plan though. This place is NEVER open.  What’s with these Wilton Drive shops always being closed? Is there some Wilton Manors mafia I’m unaware of?  Are these storefronts coverups?  Do you think I’ve asked enough questions for one post?

One thought on “On The Drive: Healing Touches 4 You

  1. Who writes this stuff? I’ve read some of the “articles” or “reviews” on here and to be completely honest, it seems like a bunch of miserable queens that just like to nit pick other businesses!!! Come on guys, we should be supporting our community stores, not bashing them. You haven’t even been in this store and your cutting it down? Your “comical drama” can actually hurt businesses. Is that your point?

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