Fla Teacher Makes Homophobic Remarks

Teachers should know better.  A Florida high school’s “teach of the year,” has been suspended while a Florida school board investigates antigay comments that he made on Facebook.

Jerry Buell, the social studies teacher who made the remarks, told the Orlando Sentinel that the remark wasn’t written, “out of hatred.” Well, what exactly was the remark?

The remark was in reference to marriage equality in New York.  He said that same-sex marriages were a “cesspool,” and that it made him “almost throw up.” Now YOU  tell me that if these weren’t remarks made out of hatred than what were they?

This guy is an idiot.  His homophobic remarks are probably just a cover up.  If the thought of same-sex marriages makes you “almost throw up,” than you might want to go see a doctor because that IS NOT a normal reaction to a mental image of two people who unconditionally love each other.

Go suck it Buell!

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