Close Encounter With Dashboard Confessional

HOLY STARSTRUCK, YA’LL. Okay, have any of you heard of Chris Carrabba?  The brain behind the band Dashboard Confessional? If you haven’t you’re missing out.  He’s kind of the man behind the Emo Music Movement (as I like to call it).

But check this out. I was in Boca yesterday getting my hurr did at Donna Pascoe Salon which by the way is amazing.  If you need a haircut call up the salon and ask for Danny (absolutely amazing and super cute).  Anyways, I always kind of look a hot mess the day I’m getting my hair done because it’s like…if I’m going to get my hair done for me than why put effort into doing it?

So, I’m chillin on the couch and in walks Chris Carrabba.  I totally couldn’t stop staring and then I thought, “Why is Chris Carrabba here?  He has a buzz cut-ish.”

Turns out homie is a regular there for manscaping.  He gets facials, his eyebrows waxed and occasional other treatments.  He looked SOOOO cute in his little robe though.  DROOL…

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