Gay Man Strangled Over Trees

The sheriff’s department in Washington County, Oregon, says officers arrested a 50-year-old man Tuesday night for pushing, strangling, and hurling gay slurs at his neighbor because he didn’t like the way the neighbor trimmed some trees.

According to  The Oregonian, Robert Bosket of Aloha was upset because his neighbor, David Christensen, cut back some trees that shaded his deck. After knocking on Christensen’s door, Bosket reportedly forced his way into the house and began strangling his 49-year-old neighbor, while “yelling and screaming about the trees.”

Christensen, who lives at the home with his partner, told authorities that Bosket used a variety of gay slurs during the attack.

According to Sgt. Vance Stimler, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, Bosket admitted using the slurs as well as forcing his way into the residence but denied that he had strangled anyone.

Stimler said the case will likely be presented to a grand jury. Christensen reportedly did not require medical treatment.

Bosket sounds like a bloody moron.  You admit to verbal abuse, but not physical abuse that can be tracked through marks on a person’s neck?  Straight people can be fucking stupid (except for me of course haha).


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