Zara Sells Lady Gaga Merch

I took a trip up to West Palm Beach this weekend to peruse around The Gardens Mall.  This is one of my favorite malls, even more so than Boca Town Center because they don’t allow those obnoxious foreigners to shove shit in your face at those annoying kiosks.

Anyways, I stopped at H&M of course, Express and then moved on to Zara.  While in the men’s store I noticed an entire table dedicated to Lady Gaga merch. Ummmmm, really?  After being yelled at for taking pictures with my camera phone (bitches) I looked around the table at tee’s that looked like concert merch.

I hate to say it, but I think Lady Gaga’s 15 minutes might be over fairly soon.  The table was still fully stocked and it looked like the only thing that WASN’T touched in the store.

It’s the beginning of the end, ya’ll.  Brace yourselves!!!!!

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