BASICALLY, It's Antoine Again

OH lordy, lordy my boo is at it AGAIN!  Antoine Dodson, if you haven’t already heard, is a sex offender phone application spokesman.  I kind of want to be his best friend.  He kills me and he just seems so nice…

And he’ll protect me from sex offenders because they are SNATCHIN’ YO PEOPLE UP!



2 thoughts on “BASICALLY, It's Antoine Again

  1. This site is supposed to be news I thought, why is it beggining to remind me of TMZ?

    “Ya’ll” need to do some editorials, news pieces and interesting articles instead of paragraph blurbs about Gaga, Beiber, and other overrated junk. Yes, we’re gay, but YES we also would like some real news once in a while, HELLO!

    Did you guys hear that Beiber just got his first pube? Puff Daddy is taking him to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate!!! Rahhh!

  2. I like to mix it up!!! I’ll do more fort lauderdale news though. Also, don’t forget that you can submit your business for a free business listing on our site. Thanks for commenting!

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