Rodeo Restaurant Down The Dumps?

Well, well, well.  What do we haaavveeee here?  Another possible failed gay Wilton Manors business?  Rodeo, located on Wilton Drive, is allegedly facing some problems forcing them to get rid of their Tuesday and Wednesday lunches.

A previous employee told me that the restaurant just isn’t pulling in the money that it thought it would, and on days like Tuesday and Wednesday, it is costing the owner more money to stay open than to just serve dinner.

This kind of hurts my little heart because I thought the food was pretty good.  I think that with a little more advertising and a tad better management this place could be POPPIN’.  When I placed a call in to the restaurant I was told that when season rolls back around the restaurant would reopen on these days for lunch.

Does anyone know if they got their liquor license?  Step up your game, Rodeo.

One thought on “Rodeo Restaurant Down The Dumps?

  1. It’s sad when we heard small businesses open their doors on Wilton Drive, then for one reason or another are under the pressure to eliminate services or close their doors …. Hopefully 2011Tourist season (coming soon) make Rodeo and other business survive …. we should support our “neighboring businesses” keep their doors open!!!!!!

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