My Luck Blows In A Bad Way

It was quite the week last week, ladies and gents.  Let’s recap shall we?…

It started out okay.  That was until I backed by new car of two weeks into a giant cement pole that jumped out, out of NOWHERE.  When I got out of my car to check out the damage that was done to my poor baby I walked around the passenger side to see that someone had thrown their car door into mine and left some scratches.  Needless to say, this Saturday I’m going to get estimates from auto places. Don’t worry, the giant cement pole is okay.

I decided that I would finally head to Target to do the shopping that I desperately needed to do, but when I got there packed doesn’t even begin to describe.  They must have been giving away free heroin or something because seriously this place was friggin hoppin.

Finally, on Sunday I sat down to watch the VMA’s my cable went out.  Although, after watching the highlights this morning I’m not too upset about that.  What was wrong with Lady Gaga?  Was she tweakin or what?!  It was really Britney’s night though.

ANYWAYS, here’s to a new week.  Let’s make a good one!  Exciting things are happening here so make sure you stay tuned!

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