WTF…Batwoman Is A Lesbian

Who knew?!  Originally introduced in 1956 as a love interest for Batman, Batwoman was a camp character who accompanied the Dark Knight on many adventures before fading into comic book obscurity. When DC Comics dusted off the character in 2006 they re-introduced her as a kick-ass lesbian named Kate Kane, a former member of the U.S military who was romantically linked to Gotham City police detective Rene Montoya. Unfortunately, the comics company received a fair amount of backlash for introducing a high-profile LGBT character and plans for a Batwoman solo series were placed on hold.

September 14 will mark another historic achievement for DC when Batwoman #1 lands on bookshelves (and digital devices) around the world. She’ll be the first LGBT character to have her own ongoing monthly comic book from a mainstream publisher.

I’m not gonna lie, I really want to see a Batwoman running around gay Wilton Manors. Seriously, couldn’t you see someone dressed as Batwoman at like…New Moon?  Love that place!


Source: Advocate online

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