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Nine Things To Become Obsolete This Lifetime

What the what!?  My boss just forwarded this to me and kind of ruined my day.  Whether these changes are going to be good, bad or indifferent these are nine things that are slated to become obsolete in our lifetime…

  1. The Post Office: Email, FedEx and UPS have wiped out the minimum revenue needed to keep most post offices alive
  2. The Check (I saw this coming): Britain is already planning to do away with the check altogether by 2018
  3. The Physical Newspaper: The younger generation just doesn’t read the paper and subscription to print has steadily been down
  4. The Physical Book: You say you’ll never give up the physical book, but we said the same thing about CD’s
  5. The Land Line: (I thought this was already gone)
  6. Music (This is the one that made me upset): The industry is dying a slow death
  7. Television: Revenues to the networks are down and cable rates are skyrocketing forcing people to stream from their computers
  8. The “Things” You Own: Many of our possessions will eventually just become stored in our “cloud” or on a hardrive
  9. Privacy: It’s been gone for a long time, anyways

3 thoughts on “Nine Things To Become Obsolete This Lifetime

  1. 1. Post Office – Federal budget cuts have wiped it out. If it dies, great, then they can’t inform me about the money I owe the IRS.

    2. The Check – The check keeps people interacting with banks on a personal level, which is how they do 99% of their marketing (open an account, upgrade your account, try to give you a loan, etc.).

    3. The Newspaper – It’ll never die because it’s funded by advertising and people want their store savings inserts, dammit! Plus, too many people enjoy reading the paper when they’re on the toilet taking a big stinky shit.

    4. The Book – A book offers a certain sense of peacefulness not found in a computer monitor.

    5. The Land Line – I use the cord to choke my bitch when she’s bad!

    6. Music – Music cannot “become obselete” that’s just insane. You can’t just delete the funky beats!

    7. Television – Thank the lord! Finally no more Reality TV, that stuff is ruining our minds. TV sucks anyways because people think TV is real life and they tend to emulate people from TV too much. According to TV everything is fine & dandy but last I heard, daddy can’t find no job and NATO just committed genocide on Libya!

    8. Things – Yeah, right.. So I’m just supposed to store my quadruple-dong-dildo and a crate of Jelly-Bellies in my hard drive?? Giiiiiiiiirlllll, that sounds messy!

    9. Privacy – Tarueeeeeee Dat!

  2. 1. Post Office – USPS needs to combat these other new comers by delivering post on Sundays and all Federal Holidays. They need to become the department that never sleeps and operate 24/7. That’s the only way they will survive.

    2. The Check – This won’t die until everyone is given cheap access to computers and the internet. There are still people of low income that can’t operate online. Checking my “fall out of favor” but I don’t believe it will die.

    3. The Newspaper – There’s still something about holding the newspaper in your hand, cutting out articles to save in a scrapbook and circling things in the classifieds. They just need to re-invent themselves.

    4. The Book – First, I still buy CDs and I play them in my car and, second, I still read books! I will never read a book on a Kindle or iPad. The same feel of something physical in your hand that will never let books go out of style. There are too many book nerds out there. You might as well say that libraries will disappear as well.

    5. The Land Line – With the escalating costs of cell phone plans (who can afford $100 a month phone bill? I can’t), the phone companies need to drop their prices to make them attractive. A $15 a month phone bill with free long distance is a much better prospect than using any plan from a cell company.

    6. Music – This one is a misinterpreted. The music INDUSTRY is killing itself by going digital. iTunes and digital downloads are killing the music industry by not getting consumers into stores. They are not re-buying music that has worn out. By supporting the digital age of music, they are killing their own profit margins. This is short sighted.

    7. Television – Again, misinterpreted. You mean BROADCAST television. Hulu, DVR, VOD, iTunes, DVD, Netflix and network websites allow a majority of viewers to view shows at their convenience on a level that has never been reached before. Then there are the illegal downloads that are out there and let people that don’t have pay cable to watch “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones”. You don’t have to watch a show when it is on any more or watch the commercials that come with them. Soon almost all television is going to go the way of pay cable. I’ve been saying for years that soon all major sporting events will go PAY PER VIEW. Can you imagine the outrage if the Super Bowl was only on PPV for $200? It will never happen and this is why TV will survive.

    8. The “Things” We Own – This just makes no sense. My car, my dogs, my clothes…all on “cloud”? Not until they develop Star Trek style replicators.

    9. Privacy – Will only be a problem for children of the digital age. There are still those of us that only use computers as a tool and not a way of life. My digital footprint is next to nothing. That may change but the more privacy that is stolen then the more that people will clamor to get it back.

    10. FACE TO FACE SOCIAL SKILLS – People have begun to live their lives online and through their phones because of Facebook and Twitter and the like. They wouldn’t know how to hold a conversation off-line if they met someone. Millions of people update their Facebook status dozens of times a day but yet you ask them to meet you somewhere and they want to know where that chatroom is located. Society has forgotten how to hold a conversation in person. I know twenty-somethings that have met, dated and broken up with mates and never met them face to face. They think this is all real. Put down the phone and unplug, people!

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