Manors Masquerade Won't Have Street Booths

Well guys, it seems a like all of the Wilton Drive businesses who opened their big mouths after Stonewall got what they wanted because there will NOT be any exhibitor booths this year at the Halloween fest!

Instead the Manors Masquerade, presented by Creative Arts Enterprises and the City of Wilton Manors, have created a “very low cost, affordable (trick or) treats bag for the first five thousand attendees at Manors Masquerade.”

Ultimately, businesses will pay to have vouchers, promotions and coupons put in these bags.  I don’t know about you, but if there aren’t going to be any booths I’m kind of confused as to what will be going on…

Is there going to be music?  Is there going to be food?  Let’s hope this isn’t a hot mess, ya’ll!

4 thoughts on “Manors Masquerade Won't Have Street Booths

  1. Ok … If you want to call those (Big Mouths) who with all his reason opened their “mouths” to complain to the city for the error to locate many of exhibitor booths at the doors of those small businesses during the celebration of Gay Pride (Stonewall) seems a little tasteless to called “Big Mouth” … BTW….Halloween is a celebration of “witches” is an event of “night, on the dark,” is a night where you hit the streets in “costumes” to have fun with friends, having drinks and not be worried-concerned if going to be food, kiosks, etc. We all want to have fun, dance our ass off in our own costumes all night long in various night clubs we have across the Drive …

  2. Finally no more booths! I’ll tell you exactly what’ll be going on, those booths will be gone and there will be more room for me to shake my sexy ass all over the place! Boom chika boom chika wah-wahhhhh! I can’t wait.

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