Things You Can Expect BC Of LMFAO's Videos

This is pretty genius.  Check out this list my friend sent me via email about things we’ll have to expect on account of LMFAO’s ridiculously awesome music videos.  I for one am a big fan of the song “Shots.”  This is mainly because when a song like this comes on it gives justification to the fact that i’m drinking massive amounts of alcohol.

Enjoy zee list!

  1. Ironic Speedos at every upcoming pool party.
  2. So much wiggling. SO much. Waiting in line for a cheese quesadilla at 3am, anytime the guy-to-girl ratio in a group of friends errs on the manly side, post-work drinks with a goofy co-worker — basically anywhere you go where people are two drinks deep, prepare yourself for a wigglefest.
  3. Animal print spandex incorporated into every collegiate costume party from now ’til next year.
  4. Don’t even get me started on Halloween.
  5. Fall’s sickest accessory to be made out of cardboard, have two holes for eyes and be a futuristic headpiece.
  6. A resurgence of Cowboy Ugly-style bar dancing that’s destined to result in drunken bruised tailbone accidents.
  7. Breakaway pants. I’m calling it right now.

Trust me, we’re just as excited as the rest of you to split our pants open in public and run around like a diaper-wielding baby traipsing in a fountain, but above all, are just interested to see how this all goes down.

Amazing list, right? I kind of like spandex though…alright I kind of love spandex. Don’t judge.

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