Manors Masquerade Not On Wilton Drive

Okay, so after a whole bunch of confusion circulating this year’s Halloween festivities I’ve sorted it all out and I’ve got all the info RIGHT HERE.

First things, first.  Manors Masquerade will be held on October 30.  According to the city’s Leisure Services Department Manor Masquerade won’t be held ON Wilton Drive…kind of.  It’s going to be contained in Hagen Park behind City Hall.  So, Wilton Drive won’t be shut down for the party.

After speaking with a few people I can already sense the disappointment.  Half of the fun is walking up and down Wilton Drive on the street seeing all of the costumes.  To me, holding it in a park sounds more like a carnival.  I’m not a fan of carnivals.

Like I’ve stated before, there also won’t be any street booths.  With all of that said I’m not exactly sure what the allure of this event is. I’m sure there will be more to come.

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