Can Oral Sex Cause Throat Cancer

My best friend sent me this article and it is actually really informative.  Actually, why my friend would think that this article pertains to me I have no idea…but that’s not really important.

Anyways, basically the article begins by explaining how most people think that in an era of HIV and “chastity rings” teens and young adults have been turning to what they feel is less risky: oral sex.  HOWEVER, researchers have established a link between oral sex and throat cancer.

This adds another bullet to the list of risks already associated with oral sex that includes herpes, gonorrhea and HIV.  Throat cancer involves the base of the tongue, the tonsils or the back of the throat.  Additionally, because throat cancer is so rare among people who dont drink or smoke the symptoms can be easily dismissed which would delay treatment or diagnosis.

As a matter of fact, researchers concluded that people with six or more partners were nearly nine times more likely to develop cancer and it made no difference if the partners were male or female.

Oy vey!

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