Halloween Outrage?

Well, since the announcement that this year’s Wilton Manors Halloween festivities won’t be held on Wilton Drive there has been a little bit of outrage mixed with a dash of sensibility.

I’m just as disappointed as the next person that Wilton Drive won’t be shut down, but I didn’t feel as if I lived here long enough to offer my opinion on what could happen in place of the recently released plans.  Luckily for me, I have some pretty brilliant readers who have offered their opinions.  Let’s check out the prospects shall we?!

A pretty sensible lawyer in town suggested that the event be held in the Georgie’s Alibi parking lot.  Does anyone remember Stonewall? The only problem that I found with this is that drunk people and a non-shut down Wilton Drive probably aren’t going to mix very well.

One of our other readers had this to say:

There is just something about the freedom of The Drive being blocked. We’ll miss that element, but will make the best of it. It is now for the retailers and business owners on the Drive to “step it up”, or else this may be the last year. There is not shortage of events to attend in Florida.

Finally, Gary Lanham broker owner of Lanham & Associates, Inc has a few suggestions of his own.  Who better to weigh in on this than someone in the realty business?  Gary said:

The Halloween organizers should consider Main Street Oakland Park and Jaco Pastorius Park. There is already a precedent. Pride South Florida Pridefest, which is billed as the “largest Pride Festival in Florida,” takes place in mid-March at Jaco Pastorius Park, Oakland Park. Main Street Oakland Park (NE 12 Avenue)is routinely closed for special events including German Antique Auto Show, Gourmet Food Trucks. It’s a no brainer for big events such as Halloween. Oakland Park welcomes everyone.

Personally, I think these are all really great ideas and certainly better than holding this year’s festivities in a park.  Mehhhhh…

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