Amanda Knox Found Innocent…What's Next?

Four years after being placed in an Italian jail, Amanda Knox is a free woman.  An Italian appeals jury overturned Amanda’s murder conviction yesterday at approximately 3:30, ending her prison sentence allowing Amanda to return home to Seattle.

Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, was also cleared of the murder charges.  Amanda retains the defamation charge for when she tried to accuse a club owner of killing her roommate.  The sentence for that was 3 years and since she has been in jail for 4 years, the judge called it time served.

Many are saying the fact that she delivered her speech in Italian helped her situation greatly.  While in custody, Amanda learned fluent Italian.

An appeal against her acquittal is expected but once she is in the United States, Italy will have to prove that there is sufficient evidence against her for the United States to agree to send her back.  That is if the appeal even gets to that point, which many do not think it will.  Amanda’s own lawyer says that he does not think an appeal will be acknowledged by the higher court.

This morning Amanda made her London connection, boarding a plane back to the United States.

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