Bad Manners To Come Out On Facebook?

Well this is certainly a very interesting question to be posed, eh?  I was reading Advocate online and this was something that caught my eye and to be completely honest I really am not sure what I think.

The person who wrote in said that a few of their friends have done this “one click outing,” as the writer called it.  The columnist really didn’t seem to agree with coming out on Facebook, but I’m not really sure that there is a certified right or wrong way to come out.

I don’t necessarily know if we can tell someone else that their taking the right step. Now, personally, I would like to be told either over the phone or in person, but I would also be happy that my friend would feel liberated enough to basically tell the world that they are out and proud.

I once had a friend in college that was gay.  Very obviously gay and when asked, he would tell you he was gay, but he never told his parents.  He told me that if they asked, he would tell them.  His reasoning was this:  If his sister didn’t have to tell them she was straight, he really shouldn’t feel obligated to tell them he was gay.  You are what you are.  His parents were completely accepting of gays and his older brother way gay, he just didn’t feel like he really had to advertise it on a billboard for them to understand his sexuality.  “They just knew,” he said.

Food for thought.

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