Lanham & Associates Hold Short Sale Seminar

Lanham & Associates, Inc. wants to help you avoid foreclosure!  Amen sista!!!!  If you’re a victim of this bad economy and struggling with your mortgage and other home expenses Gary Lanham is offering help.  What’s better than help?  Free help.

The seminar will feature guest speakers like:

  • Florida State Representative for District 91, George Moraitis
  • Paralegal, Patricia Salois
  • Short Sale Negotiator, Brian Karney
  • Ivette Lipp from FEMBi Mortgage
  • Local landscaping design professional, Luis Llenza
Learn about short sales and what they really are.  Find out what the Debt Forgiveness Act of 2007 is.  For a full list of seminar topics click here!  For other event information like date, time and place click here or call 954-530-8198.

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