Beware of Moon Fest

Okay, so Halloween is approaching and since the festivities here in gay Fort Lauderdale don’t seem like the cat’s meow some of you might be considering traveling a little further of a distance for a good time.  If you’re thinking of Moon Fest, you might want to rethink your plans.

Last year my best friend, my brother and I decided that we would go to downtown West Palm to Clematis and experience Moon Fest.  First of all, crowded does not even begin to describe the masses.  Now, crowds are to be expected on Halloween but you couldn’t even move inside of clubs.  You couldn’t move if you could make it in to one of them, anyway.

If you actually make it inside, you’ll more than likely go broke from buying A DRINK.  The bars jack up their prices because they know you basically won’t have a choice.  The worst part of the entire night are the fights that break out.  Last year at about 12:30am a tear gas bomb was set off to subdue the crowd.  That shit burns.

On top of everything, since there is so many people the bars and clubs lose the flare that sets each one apart from the next.  A gay bar is no longer a gay bar because everyone just congregates anywhere there’s room.  A hipster club is no longer a hipster club because it gets to the point where people just want to go inside off of the street and they don’t care where it is.

In conclusions…Moon Fest blows.  END SCENE

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