Manors Masquerade Sucked Ass

Holy ravioli, Batman Manors Masquerade sucked so bad!  Okay, so I decided that I would arrive to Hagan Park at the point of the night when things should have been poppin.  I rolled up into Wilton Manors around 9:40 and Hagan Park was dead compared to the rest of Wilton Drive.

It was like being at a lame birthday party.  Jay McCarroll was there as a “celebrity judge” for the stupid costume contests.  I use celebrity loosely.  I’m really not quite sure what was in all the tents because they looked bare.

Interestingly enough, one reader wrote on our Facebook wall that he was none too pleased with the Hagan Park Halloween plans:

A big thank you to whomever thought is was a great idea to have Halloween celebrations in Hagen Park on a Sunday night… I guess they did not have to get up at 5:00 Monday morning, live across the street from the obnoxious noise or have any consideration for those in the neighborhood that live here. Brilliant planning!!

It appears that the city of Wilton Manors might have been more concerned about not pissing off all of the business owners that they forgot about the homeowners. Additionally, Wilton Drive in my opinion really should have been shut down because it was REALLY UNSAFE with all of the people crossing the street.  People were seriously coming out of nowhere.  It’s important for the city to understand that just because they don’t shut down The Drive doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be using it like they would if it were shut down from end to end.

The real party seemed to be in the parking lot of Georgie’s Alibi (big surprise).  The Manor was also pretty nuts.  That was actually my first time in The Manor and it was awesome!

What did you all think?

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