Peter Pan Diner Obsessed

Soooo after the Hanson concert that I went to on Saturday, my ex-boyfriend and I were STARVINGGGGG.  The show was at the Culture Room so I thought it would be a good idea to head to Peter Pan Diner.

Now, I’ve never been there so it was kind of a gamble.  I totally won the jackpot though, this was place is SO YUMMY.  I ordered the greek salad and Johnny ordered the tuna melt with a side of potato salad.  SO GOOD.

My salad, which was reasonably priced, was huge.  Johnny’s tuna melt was amazing and the potato salad was TA DIE FOR!  The best part of the entire experience though was the customer and cashier interaction we had on our way out.

Johnny was wearing some dark skinny jeans, a white v-neck and a black vest.  While we were paying one of the customers looked at him and asked him if he was a vampire.  WTF?  He wasn’t even in a costume!

I love Fort Lauderdale.  Peter Pan Diner gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up.  IN LOVE.

Oh and btw, the concert was actually really good.  I had no idea that Hanson was THAT polished.  They sounded great live.  Now I really sound like a loser…womp womp womp.

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