Restaurant Review: Gaysha

Let’s talk about the new sushi place on Wilton Drive shall we. So good! There are so many things that are traditional, and non-traditional, about Gaysha. Let’s discuss…

The food is amazing. Very fresh with really great taste. I ordered the green salad with ginger dressing and a spicy tuna roll. I’m not normally a fan of big chunks of fish in my rolls, but this was an exception. The tuna rolls i’m used to have a minced kind of tuna, while this one featured a large chunk. The texture was great and the taste was even better!

The sushi chef is not your traditional chef. He’s got kind of a fashion hawk going on with two full tattoo sleeves and a punk rock kind of style. The restaurant has a really modern kind of decor with some surprises thrown in (like the bottle of liquor above the sushi bar that has the words “suck it” written on it).

The price was typical of a sushi place, not super cheap but reasonable. They don’t open until noon, but they are open really late so it kind of makes up for it (I’m an early lunch eater). Overall, Gaysha gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

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