Superbowl Halftime: Hope Gaga Was Taking Notes

So, I have to admit…I didn’t watch the halftime show as it was happening.  I waited about five minutes after, paused Big Bang Theory and watched it online.  I really thought it was going to suck balls, but it ended up kind of blowing my mind a little bit.

Now, I know that a lot of what was great about it was the dancers but Madonna did cartwheels and stuff.  That should give her like 20 points right there.  I’m 25 and can’t do cartwheels…she’s like 100 50.

I LOVE MIA, and am completely obsessed with CeeLo.  LMFAO kind of looked a little starstruck, but if you had Madonna’s crotch on your neck you’d be starstruck too.  They get a free pass.

Overall, this was probably the best halftime show since the Nsync/Britney Spears halftime.  Werk.

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