Review: RuPaul's Drag Race

Oh snap!!!!  I seriously am beginning to LOVE this show!  Monday’s episode was number 3 in the series and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Okay, first of all…Milan needs to stop talking and Phi Phi O’Hara needs to shut up.  I think that Phi Phi was definitely putting winner of the challenge Sharon Needles into a typecast because she feels threatened.  I’d honestly be surprised if Sharon didn’t win the entire competition.

I also think that Kenya Michaels was acting like way too much of a diva towards Madame La Queer.  She just seems so damn nice!

Did any of you watch the after show online?  It’s called “Untucked” and it basically lets you in all of the of the fights during the episode.  Pretty epic.  Sharon and Princess got into it about the infamous voice comment and Milan and Willam got into it.

Ohhhhh gurl.  It was the kiki for sure.

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