Review: RuPaul's Drag Race

Ugh…let’s begin with Phi Phi. Can someone shut this b*tch up!  Seriously. Why does she have to pick on Sharon Needles who, btw, I totally Facebook messaged!

I found this week’s challenge to be kind of stupid.  These queens are in a drag competition, not a competition to try to get on a sitcom.  Being an actor on a sitcom and being a drag queen are generally two completely separate kinds of acting. Just because someone can act doesn’t make them a great queen, and just because someone is a queen doesn’t mean they can act.  I mean, really.

I do think that this episode really showcased Latrice Royale who we haven’t seen too much of.  Sharon Needles is still my favorite.  During the preparation for the mission, I think Sharon was only trying to help Kenya Michaels…not take over as director.  Everyone really needs to calm DOWN!

At the end of the day we said goodbye to Madame La Queer…I won’t really miss her.

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